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About Us.

Our Values, Purpose, Vision and Mission

About: About Us

Our Values.

We always aim to:​

  • Have respect for self and equal respect for others.

  • Have an open heart and open mind.

  • Have diligence and integrity.

Our Purpose.

theWMNSclub is a growing community founded to:

Prune Beliefs - We want to challenge and dismantle what the world has said relationships between women ought to be.

Curate fertile ground - We want to cultivate a safe space for women to feel encouraged to flourish and thrive.

Maintain relationships - We want to intentionally sow into connections we build, with ourselves and others.

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Our Vision & Mission.

The vision behind theWMNSclub is to create the space for genuine friendship and sisterhood to form. From these connections, we aspire for likeminded women everywhere to feel included and flourish as their authentic selves. 

Our mission is simple - to create connections that count.

About: Our Team
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